is to facilitate the rescue industry to operate optimally under all circumstances, to be capable, fast and to be in control. Over the past four decades, we have become a service-oriented company, delivering the best equipment, education, service and support in our areas of expertise: Heavy Rescue, USAR, Extrication and Recovery. 

We are committed to deliver the best solutions by using the latest technologies in materials and engineering; to educate, but also to learn from the users. To convert today’s knowledge in tomorrow’s improvements. 


It all started on the 1st of January in 1972 when Axel Maarschalk and Hurst Performance* agreed to a partnership, introducing the hydraulic rescue tool concept into the market. Under the name ‘Zumro’, Axel took the lead in a majority of the worldwide rescue markets. This partnership led to several innovations, such as the introduction of the spreader, the dedicated cutter and the rescue ram. Innovations that show his exceptional vision, given the fact that these concepts still continue to influence the way you perform your rescue operation today. 

In 1990 Hurst Performance* and Zumro decided to dissolve their partnership. From then onwards, Zumro changed its strategy to become the total solution provider it has become today: RESQTEC. 

In 2005, Axel’s son Jan-Pieter Maarschalk enters the family business and is appointed to CEO in 2011. With the focus on continuing to develop creative solutions, to educate but more importantly to learn from the users, we continue to be a leading manufacturer for the rescue and recovery industry. 

*Hurst and Jaws of Life are the registered trademarks of Hurst Jaws of Life, Inc.