About Waterous

There’s an unsettling difference between fire pumps that are “Assembled in America” and pumps that are truly “Made in America”. It’s time for fire pumps to show their true colours. Waterous fire pumps are cast in America with zero overseas castings and backed by a 7-year warranty. 

Waterous fire pumps – from America and nowhere else 

Authentic Since 1886

At Waterous, we think like you. Which is to say we think like a firefighter. We understand your questions, speak your language and anticipate your concerns. At Waterous we know there is no substitute for experience. It’s why so many of our employees serve on local fire departments. It’s the reason why Waterous Equipment always feels like it’s coming from a company that’s faced the flames.

Waterous has been making quality, American-Made firefighting related products since 1886. Still building revolutionary fire suppression systems today, Waterous holds true to the philosophy – “Cast, Machined, Assembles and Tested in America.” Departments worldwide count on Waterous to provide the utmost in quality products and customer service. What started as a single factory in the quiet riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, has grown into an internationally recognized company that continues to develop leading products and services for the global firefighting community.